Support Veterans on Our Waitlist

Saratoga WarHorse is in HIGH DEMAND.


There are 65+ Military Veterans on the waitlist to participate in our program, and more calling every week. These are men and women who have bravely served our country and are now asking for our help.


Will you answer?


*Please note that SWH does our best to ensure that Veterans with the greatest need do not have to wait to participate. If you are or know a Veteran who needs help, contact us

at 518-886-8131 or


Here are 4 ways to help:

1.  Cut the Wait: Help provide ongoing support to the Veterans waiting to participate

For $50/month, a Veteran on the waitlist will receive:

  • Care Packages containing items to boost their well-being

  • Personal communications from our staff to regularly check up on them

  • Referrals to services that can help them until they can come to our program 

  • Access to virtual webinars, videos, and other helpful resources 

  • Messages of support 



2.  Special Delivery: Sponsor a care package (or several!) for Veterans waiting to participate.

For $100, a Veteran on our waitlist will receive a specially curated care package containing items to boost their happiness, health and overall well-being.



3.  Message of Support: Provide hope and strength to struggling Veterans by providing words of encouragement.

FREE: Please take a minute or 2 out of your day to write a brief message to be shared with Veterans on our waitlist. 


4.  Adopt-a-Vet: Help us increase our capacity so that we can serve more Veterans this year.

For $1,000, we can move an extra Veteran off of the waitlist and into our life-changing program.