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Program Overview

The Saratoga WarHorse program evolves over three days. Classes are offered several times each
month in three locations with an average of five participants. The program is available to Veterans and Service
Members from all branches of the military, regardless of when or for how long they served. It
focuses on helping participants get past the physiological symptoms of their Post-
Traumatic Stress. Saratoga WarHorse doesn’t provide traditional “therapy,” but does offer an
undoubtedly therapeutic experience.

There is NO cost for Veterans to attend the Saratoga WarHorse program. We pay 100% of
travel, lodging, meal, and program expenses.

Is This Program Right for You?

Saratoga WarHorse is available to Veterans and Service Members of all ages from any branch of the military. Whether or not you were deployed, you are eligible to participate in the program. Our only requirements are that you:

  1. Are a Veteran or Service Member

  2. Reside in the United States or U.S. territories

  3. Would like assistance dealing with trauma you’ve experienced


You may benefit from the Saratoga WarHorse program if you are a Veteran experiencing any of the following:

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Nightmares

  • Depression or withdrawal

  • Issues with anger, drugs/alcohol, or maintaining healthy relationships

  • Struggling to adjust to civilian life

  • Post-Traumatic Stress


NOTE: You do NOT need a medical diagnosis to participate in the Saratoga WarHorse program. We do not inquire about diagnoses.

We offer classes each month. If you or someone you know is interested in attending, please contact us so we can find the best class for you. 

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Saratoga WarHorse creates a win-win situation for Veterans and off-the-track Thoroughbreds by providing an effective alternative method for healing emotional wounds and offering the horses rewarding and meaningful work after their racing careers have ended. Saratoga WarHorse provides a new experience with a focus on Post-Traumatic Stress that is a vastly different approach from traditional talk therapy. This program is provided at no cost to Veterans.

Here is what takes place:

  • Veterans are provided with a three-day program completely free of charge, including lodging, travel fare and meals.

  • Veterans undergo classroom and hands-on training with an Equine Connection Coach to prepare them for their interactions with the horses.

  • After preparations, the Veteran and the horse meet in the round pen to begin the Connection Process. Through our Connection Process, an interactive experience is created between off-the-track Thoroughbreds and Veterans. By utilizing the silent language of the horse, a mutual trust and profound bond is established that goes beyond verbal communication.


This process facilitates a profound personal connection between Veteran and horse, seemingly “unlocking” a part of the Veteran that has been closed down for years. Our personalized approach provides each individual with a unique experience that helps to release stress. The Connection Process varies with each horse-to-Veteran interaction, but through careful guidance by skilled instructors, the process remains predictable, sequential and repeatable.

The unique and powerful approach of Saratoga WarHorse has been described by Veterans as “life-changing beyond words.”


Saratoga WarHorse is designed exclusively for Veterans, and all participants are guaranteed full confidentiality. The photos and quotes used on this website and in our newsletter appear with the express permission of the participants.

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