Our program is designed for two things:

Helping Veterans & Helping Horses

Below are ways you can help.

Saratoga WarHorse is 100% funded by charitable contributions! As we grow, “Mission Fulfillment” must and will continue to be our #1 priority. Our Mission Fulfillment Fund is utilized to fund essential operations, including participant travel costs, direct program expenses, and costs.



Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Saratoga WarHorse

Facebook Fundraisers are a great way to get your friends and family involved in your cause. All you have to do is share your fundraiser and Facebook sends donations directly to Saratoga WarHorse. Follow these steps to create your fundraiser: 


  1. Go to 

  2. Choose the amount you would like to raise and when the fundraiser should end.

  3. Choose a cover photo and fill in the details. Here's some sample text you can use:  "I'm asking for donations to Saratoga WarHorse to honor Veterans who have served our country. Saratoga WarHorse helps Veterans struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress by pairing them with off-the-track Thoroughbred racehorses. They call this innovative approach the "Connection Process." Saratoga WarHorse offers their program at NO COST to Veterans and they need our help to serve as many Veterans as possible."

  4. Click "Create" 

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Amazon Smile allows you to help Saratoga WarHorse while you shop on Amazon!


Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases. Click the button below to make SWH your charity of choice.

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Amazon Wish List Saratoga Warhorse, Saratoga Warhorse Donation, Saratoga Warhose Give

Amazon WishList works like a registry.

You can purchase items off our wishlist and have them shipped directly to our offices. Your purchases help to underwrite the cost of providing our 3-day program at no cost to Veterans.



By including Saratoga WarHorse in your estate plans, you can establish your legacy which ensures the future stability and success of the organization. To discuss planned giving, please contact Executive Director Allison Cherkosly at

(518) 886-8131 or

You may also click the buttons below.


Adopt a Veteran


Saratoga WarHorse is in HIGH DEMAND.


There are 65+ Military Veterans on the waitlist to participate in our program, and more calling every week. These are men and women who have bravely served our country and are now asking for our help.  Help us cut the wait by adopting a Veteran and sponsoring a care package for those on the waiting list.


Help to cover the cost of hotel accommodations for Veterans during their 3-day Saratoga WarHorse program by donating your Hilton Honors points. 


Click below, scroll down to "Find a Charity" and type in Saratoga WarHorse.​



Many companies will match your gifts to nonprofit organizations, which increases the impact your gift will have. 


If your company will match your donation to Saratoga WarHorse, be sure to initiate a matching gift request with your company.


If you need assistance with a matching gift, please click below to contact Saratoga WarHorse at (518) 886-8131 or



To transfer charitable gifts directly to Saratoga WarHorse, please provide the following details to your broker:

  • Legal Name: Saratoga WarHorse Foundation, Inc.

  • Tax ID #: 46-2934258

  • DTC #: 8862

  • Receiving Institution: Merrill Lynch

  • Attn: David Cornell

  • Account #: 8A3-02037



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Support Saratoga WarHorse when you purchase our gear.

***Please note that due to Covid-19, orders will take longer to fulfill.***



There are always volunteer opportunities at Saratoga WarHorse. As a volunteer, you'll be able to spend time with Veterans as they work to get their lives back on track.