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Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Invest in Veteran Lives 


Donate to the SWH 

22andU Mission



This option helps fuel our mission and allows Saratoga WarHorse the flexibility to respond quickly to our most urgent and pressing needs.


Refer a Veteran to the Saratoga WarHorse Program

Referring a veteran to the Saratoga WarHorse program helps veterans get past the physiological symptoms of their Post-
Traumatic Stress.

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Make a program-specific donation

The Anne Campbell Fund is a restricted fund used exclusively for program-related expenses (no overhead).  This option will fund equine training, veteran travel, accommodations, meals, equipment, and other programmatic expenditures.

American Flags

Honor a Veteran today.

Veterans are proud of their service to our country and you can offer and extend them thanks for their service. Donate in memory of or in honor of a veteran today.

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Learn more about the Saratoga WarHorse Program

Saratoga WarHorse creates a win-win situation for veterans and off-the-track Thoroughbreds by providing an effective alternative method for healing emotional wounds and offering the horses rewarding and meaningful work after their racing careers have ended.

Learn more and watch a video on the Saratoga WarHorse program

Time for a Scavenger Hunt 

Veteran's Day Scavenger Hunt Wondering how to show your support for veterans and our military. Let this Scavenger Hunt be your guide! Participating will show veterans that you are grateful for their service and care about helping them through the Saratoga WarHorse program. You can return your completed scavenger hunt via postal mail or email

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